Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Improving patient outcomes with unmatched
capabilities and visual accuracy

Medical imaging system design teams are dramatically improving healthcare and lives by utilizing diverse technologies to ensure that clinicians and diagnosticians can evaluate any type of patient medical imagery with the greatest possible precision quickly and accurately. Specialities ranging from diagnostic imaging to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) assisted medical procedures all depend on ultimate visual clarity and fidelity.

Concurrently, designers and engineers are asked to extend advanced visualization capabilities to more portable or lower cost products, or to reduce system costs across entire product portfolios. Design flexibility is also essential, particularly as products implement more features in software to deliver competitive and clinical advantage by offering advanced product features in next generation products.

NVIDIA® Quadro® offers unique features and capabilities that give design teams a compelling advantage across all aspects of medical imaging; including data bandwidth, sensor data analysis and control, image processing, and compute and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for the post-processing requirements that medical imaging systems and applications, ranging from mobile or cart-based ultrasound systems, endoscopy systems and CT, MRI and PET scanners increasingly offer or even depend upon.



Image creation from source sound, radio, X-ray or gamma emissions require significant amounts of signal and image processing – which benefits greatly from GPU acceleration since they are intrinsicly parallel – and ideal for General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) acceleration. Endoscope, CT, PET, and X-ray imaging also utilize similar levels of signal and image processing, making GPGPU ideal for medical imaging applications. Teaming NVIDIA Quadro with NVIDIA CUDA, the world’s most widely used, advanced and tested GPGPU development environment, makes Quadro GPUs ranging from GPU down or MXM, to traditional PCIe Gen 3 compliant expansion boards, the best choice for medical imaging. Quadro products are found in systems from leading providers such as NDS Surgical Imaging, Siemens, and GE Medical.

Cost Effective

Advanced Features and Performance

GPGPU computation and acceleration meets ever increasing processing performance requirements while allowing for system cost reduction. Advanced GPU accelerated algorithms move features and capabilities from hardware into software, for example ultrasound software beam forming, lowering costs while increasing design and upgrade flexibility, all while maintaining superb image quality. GPGPU compute and signal processing, and advanced GPU graphics capabilities like 12-bit grayscale or 30-bit color with HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagry, available with embedded or PCIe form factor Quadro GPUs, deliver enhanced image fidelity, resulting in more accurate diagnoses for patients. GPGPU lets medical imaging system manufacturers deliver superior performance at attractive price points, all while lowering development costs.

PNY Understands

Medical Imaging Customer Needs

PNY is a trusted supplier to medical and diagnostic imaging manufacturers and offers pre-sales support to choose the right Quadro product, access to dedicated Quadro Field Application Engineers during development and certification, along with technical support and warranty policies that maintain customer satisfaction once your system is commercially available.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000


Ultimate graphics, rendering, compute, and AI performance, with the world’s largest GPU memory (frame buffer) at 48 GB, make RTX 8000 ideal for medical VR, rendering amazingly lifelike images from sensor data, processing massive 12-bit grayscale images or full color 3D or 2D images at 30-bit precision with HDR. This board is also ideal for motion video imaging applications, for example monitoring a beating human heart in realtime, are realizable, even in 3D or VR. Tensor cores also support AI to bring the latest advances in deep learning, machine learning, and machine vision to clinicians as an assistant.

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Quadro RTX 6000


Matching the RTX 8000 in raw graphics, rendering, compute and AI performance, the RTX 6000 features 24 GB of GPU memory, making this board another ideal choice for medical VR, or when image processing is required to transform raw sensor data into vivid, nearly lifelike images. Handling 12-bit grayscale or 30-bit HDR color 2D or 3D images is effortless. Motion video, even in stereo 3D or VR, is also possible. Tensor cores bring the latest AI augmented capabilities to software that can act as a clinical assistant.

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Quadro RTX 5000


An ideal blend of raw graphics, rendering, compute and AI performance, the RTX 5000’s 16 GB of GPU memory, make this board another great option for medical VR, or presenting sensor data as vivid, surprisingly lifelike images. Handling 12-bit grayscale or 30-bit HDR color 2D or 3D images is fluid. Motion video, even in stereo 3D or VR, is realizable. Tensor cores bring the latest AI augmented capabilities to software to assist clinicians.

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Quadro RTX 4000


The most powerful single-slot-width graphics card currently available, the RTX 4000’s graphics, rendering, compute, and AI capabilities reflect its NVIDIA Turing architecture pedigree. Suitable for medical VR/AR, or utilizing NVIDIA’s RTX platform to render sensor data into clear and concise diagnostic images, are an ideal use case scenario. Tensor core accelerated AI brings the benefits and capabilities of deep learning to even the most experienced and adept clinician.

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Quadro P6000


If realtime rendering or AI are not required the graphics and compute performance of the P6000, 24GB of GPU memory, 12-bit grayscale and 30-bit color support make this board an ideal choice for high-end medical systems where vast amounts of data need to be processed and presented in 2D, 3D, VR, or AR to clinicians.

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Quadro P5000


The P5000 offers compelling graphics and GPGPU acceleration, 16GB of GPU memory, flexible outputs that support 12-bit grayscale or 30-bit color displays, making the board a good choice for medical imaging systems that need to offer state-of-the-art features across 2D, 3D or VR/AR viewing environments.

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Quadro P4000


The P4000 offers great single-slot-width graphics and GPGPU acceleration, 8GB of GPU memory, output options that encompass 12-bit grayscale or 30-bit color displays, making the board another good choice for medical imaging systems that need to offer state-of-the-art features across 2D, 3D or VR/AR use case scenarios.

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Quadro Products for Medical Imaging

PNY is the only NVIDIA authorized supplier of Quadro MXM form factor products, or discrete Quadro GPUs (known as GPU Down) for inclusion in custom logic board designs or systems. Pre-qualification is required before samples or production quantities of these exciting embedded offerings can be made available.

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PNY Advantage

PNY provides unsurpassed service and commitment to its extensive community of medical imaging customers In addition PNY delivers a complete solution including the appropriate adapters, cables, brackets, and a software installation disc with PDC documentation to ensure a quick and successful integration into your system context and environment. Pre- and post-sales technical support is also available from dedicated Quadro FAEs, and a 3-year hardware warranty, backed by toll-free telephone or email technical support, comes with every Quadro product sourced from PNY.

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